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Manatos & Manatos is an established lobbying firm whose earned trust, credibility and personal relationships open the door for our clients to Washington’s most powerful. We provide clients with unique, high-level personal commitment to develop creative solutions to difficult problems. The respect that we’ve earned delivers powerful results. We work with a broad range of clients, including corporate, international and non-profit.

“Manatos is a name that has been associated with American policy making for over one third of US history. As the Gannett News Service said, “The Manatos name is a respected and familiar one in Washington…Manatos has blue-chip political credentials.” The Washington Post referred to Manatos & Manatos as “One of the most powerful lobbying firms” and US News & World Report called the family “Lobbying royalty.”

The Manatos family’s decades of demonstrated integrity and credibility has built trusted relationships with policymakers from both political parties.

For over 35 years, M&M has provided clients with expertise and access to help them advance their causes and overcome their public affairs challenges. M&M has a unique understanding of the nuances of Washington’s complex policy and political processes. M&M harnesses this knowledge to deliver results for clients.

M&M has a demonstrated ability to translate complex issues into congressionally digestible data and find creative paths through both the political and the policy process.

M&M provides an extraordinary level of personal commitment to clients, something rare to Washington. They refuse Washington’s common practice of turning over to junior employees the essential work for the clients.

M&M was founded in 1983 by Andrew E. Manatos and his father Mike N. Manatos. Andy Manatos served as President Jimmy Carter’s Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Legislation and prior to that as a senior aide to Senator Thomas Eagleton (MO) and Senator Gale McGee (WY). Mike N. Manatos who came to Washington, DC in 1936 to begin his 25 year career in the US Senate, served as President John F. Kennedy’s and then President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Senate Liaison. Mike A. Manatos, the third generation, joined the firm in 1990 upon graduation from Princeton University.

Located in downtown D.C., Manatos & Manatos is a recognized powerful firm in Washington.


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