Manatos & Manatos offers clients a comprehensive range of government relations services tailored to meet their unique needs. Through our many decades of experience in Washington, M&M has developed extraordinary credibility with policymakers from both political parties at the highest levels of the Legislative and Executive Branches. Those relationships coupled with our unique understanding of the complexity of Washington’s policy labyrinth, allow us to achieve success and set records for our clients.

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Issue Management

  • Synthesize complicated client issues into language that is most effective for each level of policymaking
  • Communicate these issues in a manner to which policymakers are most receptive
  • Develop comprehensive media campaigns
  • Secure allies and endorsements for issues from public figures, celebrities and organizations
  • Arrange Presidential and Congressional recognition of individuals and issues
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Legislative Strategies

  • Chart the optimal path through Washington’s policy maze

  • Provide access to the key U.S. Senators, Representatives and their staff for client issue

  • Draft bills, amendments and policy-influencing documents and letters
  • Secure key Senators and/or Representatives to lead the advocacy of client issue

  • Develop and implement a strategy which moves the desired policy forward
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Executive Branch Policy Development

  • Generate cohesive Executive Branch policy development involving the White House, Office of Management and Budget, Cabinet departments and agencies
  • Arrange meetings with Cabinet members, subcabinet officials and agency heads
  • Focus Executive Branch officials on client issues
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Coalition Building and Grassroots Organizing

  • Develop coalitions to support client issues
  • Locate key states and congressional districts in which to educate and involve opinion leaders and other voters in a client’s issues
  • Develop targeted grassroots campaigns on behalf of client issues

  • Communicate to key elected officials their constituent interest in the client’s issue
Political Consulting Firms in DC

State and Local Relations

  • Identify and coordinate local advocates in any region who can most effectively promote client issues in that local decision-making body

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