In expanding our client base, Manatos & Manatos strives for quality over quantity. We only accept those clients in whom we deeply believe and for whom we believe we can make a positive difference.

Our clients rely on our public affairs expertise to navigate Washington and translate complex issues into informative and effective messages for policymakers and the public. We endeavor to build meaningful partnerships with our clients, so we can understand their unique needs and deliver the best possible results.

Past and current clients of Manatos & Manatos include Fortune 500 companies, major American universities, nonprofit organizations, advocacy groups, celebrities and foreign governments

Manatos & Manatos has worked with clients in the following subject areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Arts and Culture

  • Banking

  • Civic Education

  • Defense

  • Economic and Productivity Issues

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Environmental Protection

  • Financial Services

  • Foreign Policy

  • Government Waste and Fraud

  • Grass Roots Advocacy

  • Healthcare

  • Human Rights and Religious Freedom

  • Homeland Security

  • Land Development

  • Tax Policy

  • US Olympic Committee

  • USA Paralympics

  • Veterans Affairs

  • Visa Application


Some of Manatos & Manatos’ accomplishments for their clients include:

Executive Branch Policy

  • Created and maintained, each year for 33 years, an annual meeting with the President of the United States

  • Coordinated the Congressional override of a major presidential foreign policy

  • Convinced the President to overturn a decision publicly announced by one of his cabinet members (in two administrations)

  • Created the only White House Conference in an eight year Presidential term

  • Dramatically increased client consultations with senior level Executive Branch officials


  • Led efforts to secure $2 billion in appropriated funds for a client

  • Defeated an Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman on a vote in his own Subcommittee

  • Established numerous earmarks for projects that benefited America

  • Reduced appropriations towards a program opposed by a client from $1 billion to zero

Congressional Legislation

  • Led efforts to secure $2 billion in appropriated funds for a client

  • Orchestrated an effort that invoked cloture in the U.S. Senate for only the 13th time in history at that time

  • Enacted numerous amendments and bills

  • In a single week, secured 31 Members of Congress to cosponsor a client’s resolution

  • Created a United States Senate Award that focused Senators on a client’s arguments

Congressional Support

  • Secured 232 Members of the House and 81 Senators to sign a letter to the President showing support for a client’s position

  • Secured use of the U.S. Capitol Rotunda to honor a living person for only the second time in history at that time

  • Secured for a client the personal appearance of over 120 Members of Congress each year

  • Secured for a client a letter to the President signed by 75 Senators and the highest percentage of House Foreign Affairs Committee members in Committee memory


  • Secured favorable news coverage for clients in nationally syndicated columns

  • Authored op-ed pieces for key Senators and Members of Congress which have appeared in major American newspapers including the Washington Post, New York Times and Washington Times

  • Presented Congressional testimony numerous times covered nationally by C-SPAN


  • Raise and contribute over $150,000 in political contributions each election cycle

  • Raised over $1,200,000 a year in private sector funds for a client

  • Played an instrumental role in raising millions of dollars in political contributions for a presidential campaign

Not For Profits

Event Production

  • Planned and executed over 50 major Washington DC events, include some of the most well-received in Washington, DC each year. See highlights and reactions.

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