(L-R) Mike Manatos, Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi, Archbishop Elpidophoros, and Andy Manatos

WASHINGTON, DC, December 15, 2024 – Many of Washington, DC’s most influential individuals, from both political parties and over decades, (listed below) joined Greek-American leaders from across the country in celebrating the 40th anniversary of Manatos & Manatos.  US policymakers from the White House, State Department, Defense Department, US Congress and US Courts, as well as thought leaders from the media, universities and thinktanks gathered at the spectacular new Limani restaurant on December 13.

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(L-R) Mike Manatos, Amb. Marc Grossman, Amb. Geoff Pyatt, Amb. Tom Miller, Amb. Nick Burns, Secretary Victoria Nuland, Andy and Tina Manatos

(L-R) Archbishop Elpidophoros, Congresswoman Dina Titus, Philip Christopher, and Arian Tuber

The Greek Orthodox Archbishop of America, His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros, joined Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi in making remarks about the extraordinary service of the Manatos family to their country, community and church. This celebration also marked the over 85 years of the Manatos family working in or with the federal government.

(L-R) Josh Huck, Rep. Ed Royce, Amb. Ekaterina Nassika, Marie Royce, Mary Pyatt, and Amb. Geoff Pyatt

(L-R) Rickie Niceta, Alexandra Veletsis, Andrew Olmem, Eleni Roumel Olmem, and Tina Manatos

Mike N. Manatos arrived in Washington, DC in 1936 from Rock Springs, Wyoming.  He worked on Capitol Hill in senior positions for 25 years and then became the first Greek-American to work in the White House as President John Kennedy’s – and then President Lyndon Johnson’s – liaison for the US Senate.  His son, Andy Manatos, worked on Capitol Hill in senior positions for 10 years and then served as Assistant Secretary of Commerce in President Jimmy Carter’s Administration.  Mike N. and Andy started Manatos & Manatos in 1983.  Andy’s son Mike A. Manatos joined the firm in 1990.  Andy’s other son, Tom Manatos, worked for Leader/Speaker Nancy Pelosi for 10 years and is now Block’s Head of Federal Affairs.

AHEPA’s Supreme President Savas Tsivicos, Board Chair Nicholas Karacostas, Supreme Counselor Themistocles Frangos and Executive Director Basil Mossaides with Congressman John Sarbanes

Manatos Family with Archbishop Elpidophoros

Archbishop Elpidophoros noted:

“For forty years as an organization, and for more than forty more as a force for good in Washington, DC, this family has served our country and most certainly the interests of our Diaspora. The founders of Manatos and Manatos, Andy and his father Mike N. Manatos, who was a legendary figure in service to our nation here in the Capital City, brought about a uniquely Greek presence within the American halls of power.  The namesake, Mike A. Manatos, is now the third generation to carry on the family tradition of excellence in the age-old and truly Hellenic art of the πόλις.

All of us have benefited from our association with this remarkable family. Their passionate advocacy for Hellenism – for Cyprus, for Greece, for the Ecumenical Patriarchate, and  for our Sacred Archdiocese of America – is well known throughout the land. Their forty year sojourn is filled with historic wins and stories of their championing our every cause.

As Archbishop, I feel delighted to express on behalf of the entirety of the Omogeneia, our highest esteem and gratitude for the service they have brought to the community. May their success and accomplishments be even greater in the next forty years, and in  the generations to come.”

(L-R) Mike Manatos, Sen. Tom Daschle, Amb. Tom and Bonnie Miller, and Andy Manatos

(L-R) Mike Manatos, Tina Manatos, Anita McBride, and Charity Wallace

Speaker Emerita Pelosi added:

“On so many occasions I have said that the Manatos family is the all-American family.

When it comes to patriotism, when it comes to values, when it comes to family, they are so remarkable.

They contribute to our society, whether its education, faith, the economy, fairness, every category you can name they participate in.  And, of course, for the relationship between Greece and the United States and Cyprus and the United States they have taught us so much….thank you to the Manatos’s for all they have done.”

Phaedra Chrousos with General Andrew and Beth Poppas

Congressman Gus Bilirakis and Mike Manatos

Some of the friends of the Manatos family who attended included:

  • Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD);
  • Deputy Secretary of State (Biden Administration), former Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs (Obama Admin.) and State Department Spokesperson (Bush Admin.) Victoria Nuland;
  • Former Deputy Secretary of State and Director of National Intelligence (Bush Admin.) John Negroponte and Wilson Center Global Fellow Diana Negroponte;
  • Former Under Secretary of State (Bush Admin.), Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs and US Ambassador to Turkey (Clinton Admin.) Marc Grossman;
  • Greek-American Members of Congress Gus Bilirakis (R-FL), Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY), John Sarbanes (D-MD) and Dina Titus (D-NV), and Congressman Rob Menendez (D-NJ);
  • Former Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Congressman Ed Royce (R-CA), and former Assistant Secretary of State Marie Royce;
  • Commanding General of the US Army Forces, General Andrew Poppas;
  • US Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom, Ambassador Rashad Hussain;
  • Federal Justice and former Deputy White House Counsel (Trump Admin.) Gregory Katsas;
  • Federal Justice and former Deputy Counsel to Vice President Mike Pence Eleni Roumel;
  • Former US Ambassador to Greece (Clinton Admin.) and current US Ambassador to China, Ambassador Nicholas Burns;
  • Former US Ambassador to Greece (Bush Admin.), Ambassador Tom Miller;
  • Former US Ambassador to Greece (Obama and Trump Admins.) and current Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources, Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt;
  • Former Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs (Trump Admin.) Philip Reeker;
  • Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, Ambassador Yuri Kim;
  • Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, Josh Huck;
  • Ambassador of Greece to the US, Ambassador Ekaterina Nassika;
  • Ambassador of Panama to the US, Ambassador Ramon Martinez;
  • Former Chief of Staff to First Lady Laura Bush Anita McBride;
  • Former Chief of Staff to Former First Lady Laura Bush Charity Wallace;
  • Former Director of Scheduling for President Joe Biden, Melinda Medlin;
  • Former Chief White House Speechwriter (Clinton Admin.) Paul Glastris;
  • Former White House Social Secretary (Trump Admin.) Rickie Niceta;
  • Former White House National Economic Council Deputy Director (Trump Admin.) Andrew Olmem;
  • Former Department of Justice Community Relations Services Director (Biden Admin.) and former National Director of AmeriCorps Volunteers (Obama Admin.) Paul Monteiro;
  • Former Founding Commissioner, GSA Technology Transformation Service (Obama Admin.), Phaedra Chrousos;
  • Former speechwriter to the Attorney General (Obama Admin.), Chrys Kefalas;
  • Former HHS Director of Intergovernmental Affairs (Trump Admin.) Jack Kalavritinos;
  • Former White House Public Liaison Director of Operations (Trump Admin.), Alexandra Veletsis;
  • Mayor of Fort Lauderdale, FL Dean Trantalis;
  • Greek Defense Attaché Colonel Panagiotis Vlachopoulos;
  • Greek Air Attaché Colonel Ioannis Markakis;
  • Greek Naval Attaché Captain Nikolaos Lazakis;
  • Senator Bob Menendez’s Chief of Staff, Jason Tuber;
  • Congressman Gus Bilirakis’ Chief of Staff, Elizabeth Hittos;
  • Congressman Lolyd Doggett; Chief of Staff Michael Mucchetti;
  • Former Director of Scheduling for Senators Arlen Specter (R-PA) and Susan Collins (R-ME), Maria Plakoudas Marshall
  • Fox News Channel Chief Washington Correspondent, Mike Emanuel;
  • Former New York Times and Wall Street Journal investigative reporter and author Nicholas Gage;
  • Former Fox 5 News Anchor/reporter Laura Evans Manatos;
  • CNN Investigative Executive Producer Patricia DiCarlo;
  • CNN Chris Wallace Show Supervising Producer Elisa Gill;
  • Washington correspondents for top Greek news outlets: Lena Argiri (ERT, Kathimerini); Michail Ignatiou (Hellas Journal Founder, Mega Channel) and Petros Kasfikis (Athens-Macedonia News Agency).

(L-R) Petros Kasfikis, Lena Argiri, Mike Manatos, and Michail Ignatiou

(L-R) Isra Bhatty, Archbishop Elpidophoros, and Ambassador Rashad Hussain

In addition, Greek-American leaders and others from around the country – from New York, Boston, Chicago, Florida and Delaware – attended, including:

  • PSEKA President Philip Christopher
  • AHEPA’s Supreme President Savas Tsivicos, Board Chair Nicholas Karacostas, Supreme Counselor Themistocles Frangosand Executive Director Basil Mossaides;
  • American Hellenic Institute Board Member Demitrios Halakos and Georgia Halakos and Executive Director Zachary Cotronakis;
  • The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America’s Chancellor Father Nektarios Papazafiropoulos and Communications Director Stratos Safioleas;
  • Ted and Lea Pedas, Jim and Wanda Pedas
  • Leadership 100 Executive Committee Member, John Sitilides
  • Leadership 100 Members Soula Mistras, Basil and Demi Kollias, Spiros Verras and Gus and Lynn Kalaris;
  • National Hellenic Society Members Kostas and Veronica Geroukos;
  • Limani Partner Franco Sukaj

Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi and Phil Reeker

(L-R) Mike Manatos, Archbishop Elpidophoros, Tina Manatos, Tom Manatos, and Andy Manatos

(L-R) Michail Ignatiou, Ambassador Yuri Kim, and Franco Sukaj

(L-R) Ted Pedas with Tina and Lucas Manatos

(L-R) Lynne Kalaris, Gus Kalaris, Georgia Halakos, and Soula Mistras

(L-R) Philip Christopher, Nicholas Gage, and John Sitilides

Mike Manatos and Congressmen Rob Menendez