In expanding our client base, Manatos & Manatos strives for quality over quantity. We only accept those clients in whom we deeply believe and for whom we believe we can make a positive difference.

Our clients rely on our public affairs expertise to navigate Washington and translate complex issues into informative and effective messages for policymakers and the public. We endeavor to build meaningful partnerships with our clients, so we can understand their unique needs and deliver the best possible results.

Past and current clients of Manatos & Manatos include Fortune 500 companies, major American universities, nonprofit organizations, advocacy groups, celebrities and foreign governments.

Manatos & Manatos has also worked with clients representing the following subject areas:

• Homeland Security
• Healthcare
• Taxes
• Economic and Productivity Issues
• The Arts and Culture
• Energy Efficiency
• Financial Services
• Grass Roots Advocacy
• Foreign Policy
• Defense
• Land Development
• Civic Education
• Human Rights and Religious Rights