WASHINGTON, DC, December 11, 2014 – The world-renowned hotel in Washington, DC frequented by American and other world leaders — the Ritz Carlton — is featuring this year in its holiday decorations a four-foot high gingerbread replica of the office building of the Washington public policy company of Manatos & Manatos.


The Ritz Carlton noted that this gingerbread house was inspired by and modeled after, “one of the most iconic buildings in the West End neighborhood [of Washington, DC]…the visually stunning townhouse that houses the public policy company of Manatos & Manatos…it took two months, and a total of 200 hours of planning and execution…made from scratch by our award-winning pastry team.”


Manatoses have been involved in high-level American policymaking for one third of the history of the United States. Mike Manatos began working in Washington, DC in 1936 and rose to become the first Greek-American to serve in a senior position in the White House, as a top assistant of Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. Mike’s son, Andy Manatos, who served as the youngest Assistant Secretary in the Carter Administration, and Andy’ son, Mike Manatos, run Manatos & Manatos today. Recently, Mike’s brother and Andy’s son, Tom Manatos, who is also involved in the field of American public policy, was featured on the front page of one of America’s top newspapers, the Washington Post. The other Manatos brothers, Nicholas and George are a successful software businessman and filmmaker, respectively.

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