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NEO Magazine
November 2009

Mike Manatos

Mike Manatos

Neo Magazine and Leadership 100 have partnered to present a monthly profile of the New Generation of Leaders who belong to the Leadership 100 Partners Program which recruits young Greek American professionals on the rise in their careers, making membership affordable and providing a network for meeting their peers.

Leadership 100 was founded 25 years ago by the visionary Archbishop Iakovos and a small band of outstanding Greek American businessmen who wished to support the Greek Orthodox Church and perpetuate their faith and Hellenic heritage in America, passing it on to future generations.

Name: Mike Manatos

Position: Senior Vice President for Public Policy, Manatos & Manatos

Education: Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs

Where were you born and where did you grow up?

I was born, raised and am a lifetime resident of the Washington, DC suburb of Bethesda, Maryland.

Who or what were the main influences in your life?

My family and my faith.  I owe all that I have achieved and my profound happiness to the constant, rock-solid support and guidance they provide.

How did you get into your present work?

I was heavily influenced by my grandfather and father.  My papou was the first Greek-American to work in the White House, as Senate Liaison to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson.  My father was the highest-ranking Greek-American in the Carter Administration.  Both spent decades leading the fight in Washington, DC, for Orthodox and Hellenic issues with U.S. policymakers.  It’s in my blood and I was immersed in it growing up.  So like any good Greek boy (especially the oldest of 4 sons), after my last exam in college, I went into the family business and I’ve been there ever since.  But instead of working the cash register in the family diner, I’m working the halls of Congress for the family lobbying firm.  I’ve greatly enjoyed the opportunity to work with my father for 20 years now.  We are proud to contribute our time and that of our firm’s, on a daily basis, to promoting Orthodoxy and Hellenism with U.S. policymakers…

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